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A new way of living and working for independent creators


Indie Studio

Private studio apartment rentals and inspiring common spaces filled with an amazing creators community. Enjoy the inspiring design in your studio or common spaces. Enjoy multiple benefits and have the possibility to live an effortless life with our living services.

indie studio laureles

Indie Lab

Our locations are design for the creation process. From sitting to do some lines of code in our coworking spaces to generate unique and amazing content in our labs. Indie is the place where ideas are born and done!

Music, ART, Design & MUCH MORE

Indie Gram

We are a power house of unique onlife content. From digital to real life we specialize in creating amazing events, art, communities and more in partnership with local and fresh brands


Coliving Studios

Our apartments are perfect space to lie and create. Make it your space and join the community


Coworking Spaces

We have inspiring spaces for getting things done and always create more!


Content LAB

Our labs are perfect to create unique content for different digital platforms from a song to a movie


Living services

We offer different services to make your life easier. Ask for what you not see...


Puro Sabor

Our super food & cocktails are perfect for chilling with friends or sitting to reflect on life...


Events & content

Fresh content and events to have you week full of fun, learning and connecting experiences




Content Labs





Cr 71 - Cir 3 #17


Join our community of creatores in one of the coolest areas of Medellin, Laureles! Enjoy the studio rentals in our coliving, or create from our coworking spaces and content LAB

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Alto Palmas

A perfect place to escape from the urban landscape and create epic things. Get updated about our new location in Alto de las Palmas, Medellin.
Coming soon!

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Cr 71 - Cir 3 #17

Laureles 2

The biggest coliving location in Medellin! with over 160 studio apartments and amazing market, rooftop & coworking spaces. Get updated about our new location in Laureles, Medellin.
Dec 2020

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