#SAFENOMAD at Indie Studio

We understand currently multiple international travelers & digital nomads have lost not only the freedom to travel but the ability to spend this critical situation with family & friends at a familiar place. This is why in Indie we have decided to keep our doors open for new people that want to belong to our community while implementing strict protocols for ensuring the safety of all our residents. It's important to show support to that creative and nomad community that has give us a lot as a company, city and country.

We believe in going the extra mile and want to offer two studios for those travelers currently in Medellin and that due to the restrictions of movement are in need of shelter, a community and support during this time but cannot afford it because they have lost their source of income to the economical impact of the COVID-19. We will be giving this two people a discounted rate to fit their budget in exchange of their talent or creative services for our community. It could be from giving online yoga sessions to amazing photos and videos of our spaces. The application process is simple just follow the steps below to apply.

(We would love to take in more people but our building is small and currently have limited spaces)


1. Click on the button on the top of the page. Applications will be open until April 5th when we will choose the two people that will be joining us.

2. Fill in the form with all the required files to tell us why you need support and when you would need to move in.

3. Share a story on your Instagram account showing us the talent and creativity that will be exchanged for accomodation. Don't forget to tag us at so we can see it.

4. The choosen nomads will be announced on tuesday, April 5th. Selection process will be held internally. Both nomads will be featured on our social media to allow them to tell their story!

*The offer will be subject to the terms and conditions posted on INDIE webpage. INDIE will be the sole responsible for the selection process, and it reserves the right to refuse admission.